Hi, I'm Mark Cameron. Learning the guitar has really influenced my life in a great way. It's fun, rewarding and can become a fantastic hobby or profession.

If you're interested in learning I would love to teach you. I head up a team of fantastic tutors who can cover the Glasgow area. Whether you are are a beginner or more advanced then I run tailored lessons to meet you where you are at and where you want to go...

I believe learning the guitar should not be driven by guilty practice but by enjoyment and the satisfaction of playing. This creates the necessary practice discipline.

Options include:

- 30 minute lessons

- 45 minute lessons

- 1 hour Lessons

- Group Lessons

We are all fully Disclosed and teach from ages 8-80!

You can book a trial lesson-no commitment if you don't feel it's right.

Enjoy the site.



You can always call me on: 07960 807026 or drop me an email HERE